Concealed Carry

Kadie Ashman Concealed Carry Purses


Kadie Ashman is proud to introduce our collection of concealed carry purses!  Every handbag in this category has a vertical zipper on the back allowing easy access to conceal and carry pistols.  All handbags are able to fit any size gun ranging from a .38 special to a .50 caliber pistol.  There is no holster inside the pocket.  It is an open and free pocket with protective cotton cloth lining to prevent any scratches.  The measurements on the concealed carry pocket are 7" in height and 8" in width on all handbags.

Kadie Ashman handbags are an exclusive collection of 100% vegan leather handbags that will assure that fashionistas will never have to sacrifice style in the name of doing good. These sleek, chic, sophisticated handbags bring together the quality and craftsmanship that have an unparalleled design that Kadie Ashman is known. For a stylish, durable bag that can withstand the elements—and belongs on the runway, Kadie Ashman has you covered.